Monday, May 16, 2011


Unfortunately , about a week ago as i was sitting in my car my iPhone 4 slipped out of my pocket and rested on the crack of the door . And as i got out of the car it happened to fall and land on the face of the phone and managed to crack the screen . Ughh , now i have to get this thing fixed and so far it looks like im going to just go on Craigslist and pay someone like $100 to replace the glass and lcd for me .
The worst part of it is the fact that I've been paying $12 a month on insurance on my phone only to find out that all they only replace the iPhone itself for $200 . What a ripoff ... oh well . I'll be scrapping some money together and getting this thing fixed and start posting some jailbreaking tutorials . Hopefully people need there iPods and iPhones jailbroken because thats how i plan on making the money for my glass replacement .

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